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With over 35 years of experience, Marion Mobley Dance is a well organized, polished, and professionally run dance studio. We strive to provide a friendly and fun atmosphere where anyone can learn the art of dance regardless of your experience. Our staff members are equally committed to providing quality lessons, while understanding the learning styles of each student. Providing a supportive, fun, and productive learning environment is key to allowing students the freedom to both learn and express themselves during the art of dance.

With our state of the art facility, competition sized floating dance floor with over 2,000 feet of dancing space, Marion Mobley Dance offers a beautiful opportunity, and environment to cater to the most very beginner student to the professional competition minded dancer. Our mission is to provide freedom of expression while exploring the art of dance and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Come join the family at Marion Mobley Dance, and experience the joy of expression and dance. Stay for the friendships and deep connections you make with fellow artists as we continue to build the arts community together in the Denver area. Giving back to the community in form of dance, expression, and support of the arts, we continue to cherish the opportunity to be the top dance studio in Denver, Colorado.

For more information about the facilities, instructors, or general information about what kinds of private lessons and pricing is available, feel free to stop by the studio during office hours, or simply give us a call to find out more about our family. We invite you to come and observe a group class or check out our Saturday night dance classes and see for yourself why we are the great dance community you want to become a part of. You may even end up wanting Latin American Ballroom Dance lessons in Denver, Colorado.

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