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Here at Marion Mobley Dance we understand the vast world of dance. The art of movement of the body to music is the core to the art form of Dance. Allowing one to express the emotional moment of the individual, provide social interaction and give much needed exercise. In addition to expression, dance is often times considered to be the highest form of non-verbal communication.

There are many variations of what constitutes the definition of dance. Ranging from social, cultural norms, aesthetic, artistic and moral sensibilities. “Dancing is like dreaming on your feet" - Constanze. Come join our family and begin dancing your dreams. Our ballroom dance instructor in Denver, CO is here to guide you through the dance floor.

 If you are interested in taking Latin American ballroom dance lessons in Denver, Colorado, look no further. Just like the variations of dance definition there are countless styles and genres of dance. We at Marion Mobley Dance not only teach the standard American versions of these styles, but offer a wide variety of International dance lessons as well. We offer services such as a personal dance trainer, special private lessons coupled with your choice of dancing styles to include Social, Salsa, Swing and more. Some of our International versions are even used in highly acclaimed dance competitions.

Each dance class offers a specific focus on that particular dance style and technique, giving the dancer the experience, knowledge, as well as background history into what created that dance genre. We believe understanding the full breadth of a dance lesson and history is key to fully understanding the experience and purpose of that dance style, giving you the chance to fully immerse yourself in the dance experience, while still having fun.

For detailed information regarding each of our specific dance class lessons, please feel free to visit each page outlining the class options and history, or simply give us a call during office hours for more information or to setup an appointment.

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